Why you should choose Goutos London for your plastic surgery journey

From his Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Harley Street London, Mr Ioannis Goutos strives to offer holistic and compassionate care to all his clients. The ethos of his team is that every person deserves to look and feel their very best.

Specialising in scars, burns management, and body contouring procedures, he works alongside a highly experienced, multidisciplinary group of experts to ensure delivery of the highest standard of care.

Mr Goutos has built an international reputation, with clients regularly travelling from the Middle East and Europe to experience his care. He is renowned for his personalised and compassionate approach, which is at the heart of his practice. His care extends beyond the physical aspects of plastic surgery to also addressing any possible psychological factors that may be affecting his clients.

Mr Goutos trained in the London and Oxford regions. The passion for his specialist areas took him overseas to South America, the Orient, and the Indian subcontinent, where he gained insights into the most cutting-edge treatments and technologies, which he incorporates into each of his clients’ management plans.

He is the Clinical Director at 152 Harley Street, which embraces the world renowned London Scar Clinic.  Outside of his clinical practice, Mr Goutos is the Director of the Plastic Surgery Academic programmes at Queen Mary University of London delivering postgraduate education to an international cohort of healthcare professionals.

Mr Goutos has extensive experience treating a wide range of conditions including those requiring minor aesthetic enhancements all the way to complex problems necessitating multi-stage reconstructive procedures. He offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical options and by forming a close partnership with his clients, achieves optimal results.

He works alongside the British Skin Foundation and regularly features on TV and in press articles.  It is fair to say that Mr Goutos is considered one of the leading minds in modern scar management and restorative skin procedures. His experience using lasers, needling techniques and non-surgical approaches is as extensive as his surgical expertise and as a result, his clients benefit from a vast array of options that suit their personal treatment goals.

Each client journey at Goutos London begins with a full 60-minute consultation, during which Mr Goutos takes the opportunity to listen to the client’s concerns and priorities before going through the options available to them. Clients undergoing surgical procedures are then invited to return for a complimentary surgical planning session. Aftercare is an integral part of the experience, and all clients are encouraged to attend a complimentary follow up appointment following any treatments or procedures that they choose to undergo under his care.

If you are looking for a humanised and ethical specialist in plastic surgery who values the client partnership, then look no further than Goutos London.

To find out more or to arrange a consultation, please email info@goutoslondon.com, or visit goutoslondon.com.

May 22, 2024

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