Upper Body Workout Routine for Golf Tournament Weeks by Chanoknan Angurasaranee, known as April!

I think it’s very important to target the areas of your body which will aid your golf swing. Golf takes its toll on your body so it’s good to start maintaining your body when you are young and being strong helps many parts of the game. This routine will help you hit more bombs!

The first stretch stretches the hip flexors and the obliques. You do it both sides.

The next stretch is called the world’s greatest stretch, which stretches the whole body.

The third stretch stretches your gluts and hamstrings.

The fourth stretch stretches your aductors and your T spine, opening it up.

On to the workout, I start with power moves. The first one is the lateral load and lift, focusing on your calves and ankles. I have problems with my tendon, so I want to strengthen it, building the muscles in the calf.

The second exercise is a medicine ball pass, which focuses on the chest. Since it’s a power workout you want to go all in with your pass and throw it to the wall as fast as you can.

The next one is a medicine ball power rotational throw. Just like the chest pass, you just want to move fast with full power.

Romanian dead lift one leg at a time, for the gluts.

Bent over roll, one arm with a dumbbell, which focuses on your lats and upper body in general.

Then I move to a floor press. You can bench press with a dumbbell. This focuses on your shoulders.

Then, I do single arm rows standing, alternate slides, to focus on the lats. Coming into a tournament I like my upper body to feel a bit more tight. I don’t do much for the lower body because I walk a lot and I don’t like my legs to feel too tight.

The last one will be core movement. I’ve got the med ball shot to focus on the obliques.

May 22, 2024

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