Support our work: Ovacome is the UK’s ovarian cancer support charity

We have been supporting people diagnosed with ovarian cancer and their loved ones since 1996. There is no screening programme available for ovarian cancer; cervical screening (a smear test) will not detect it. 1 in 50 women will be diagnosed – the majority (60%) at stages 3 and 4 when the disease has spread.

We are very active in raising public awareness of the symptoms of the disease, which can be vague, reaching over 4.6 million people in our last financial year. We also work to increase understanding of the lived experiences of those affected, training over 1,600 medical students and health professionals annually through our Patient Experience in Practice programme.

Ovarian cancer is an incredibly isolating disease and many people never meet someone else with a diagnosis until finding Ovacome. Providing an inclusive community is crucial to reduce isolation and help people live well with ovarian cancer, as it allows those affected to connect with others by sharing experiences and advice, and to benefit from peer support.

Allyson said: “When I first got the diagnosis, it was as if I’d been thrown into the water without life raft and I was so frightened, but you were there for me and you’ve been everything, so thank you.”

Demand for our support services increased by 12% last year. We provide direct support to around 6200 people. Our online forum has 16,000+ members from over 120 countries. We support a further 83,700 people through our accredited expert information resources and magazine.

“I will always be so grateful for the call I had with Cathryn on your support line when I was in the depths of being ill and very scared about what was going on with my body… she was really amazing.” Tori

Our services have been recognised through a number of national award nominations as excellent; we were short-listed in the top 3 UK Health charities in the 2022 Civil Society Charity Awards for our work to reduce health inequalities in ovarian cancer treatment and support. We were also recognised at the BBC 4 All in the Mind national awards for our work towards improving mental health and reducing isolation for those diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2021.

But we cannot provide our support without you.

Holding a golf tournament is a great and fun way to raise funds. You will be helping us be there for anyone affected by the disease when they need us most.

How to Start a Golf Tournament Fundraiser

1. Choose and book your golf course

2. Plan the schedule

3. Set your fundraising goal

4. Recruit volunteers

5. Find sponsors

6. Promote your event

If you would like more ideas and help around planning your event we can help you. Contact us at and we will send you a golf tournament pack to help get you started. You will be making a huge difference to those with an ovarian cancer diagnosis; their family and friends.

0207 299 6654

June 29, 2023 9:48 am

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