PROFESSOR ARUN RANGANATHAN: Modernised Spinal Techniques can get you Back to Sport Quickly

Professor Arun Ranganathan is a world leading spinal surgeon, specialising in treating world leaders and high-profile business and sports people, including golfers, international tennis players and formula 1 drivers.

With the team at London Spine Care, Professor Ranganathan has developed a model that works alongside physiotherapists and leading coaches in specific sports rehabilitation and has set up tennis and golf rehabilitation clinics. His approach is truly holistic, bringing in the specialists around each sport and liaising with a team, as well as the injured patient, before embarking on any surgery or interventional treatment, enabling them to return to sporting activities quickly.

Sciatica is often the blight of golfers and can be a long-term problem.

Any radiating pain shooting from your back into the leg is termed ‘Sciatica’ and if the pain goes into the hand from your neck it is called ‘Brachialgia’.

The pain can settle down in a few weeks, but sometimes it can be excruciating and not responsive to analgesics and can lead to weakness in the foot or hand. Often, leg pain can be cured by a spinal injection using steroids. But if the prolapse of the disc is large or there is no resolution with spinal injections then surgery is required.

With well-planned minimal access surgery, it is possible to treat this as a day case procedure through a 2-3 cm scar. And without muscle dissection of a larger incision, patients can often return to work within a week and are usually discharged from the hospital in 24 hours, especially if only one of your nerves are trapped.

Latest technology and advanced skills now permit us to remove, even tumors, through keyhole Minimal Access surgery, be discharged the next day and provide good outcomes, meaning patients are able to return to sport and daily activities sooner.

Patient Story – The unexpected can happen!

On the 1st March, I had the first major operation in my life – I guess as a 58 year old I could count myself lucky. Medically it was, an excision of intradural lesion, Left L4/5 decompression by keyhole surgery. To me, it was a remedy to having extreme pain down my left leg and backside that developed over 6 to 8 weeks. It had stopped me being able to sit down for more than a few minutes. Professor Ranganathan operated on me within days and I was home the day after the operation as promised. I thought I had done well just being able to walk the distance of the ward, without any pain, on the day of the surgery. So, on the 1st September, I set out on a run (I had been running for a few months by now) and 2 hours 56 minutes 30 seconds later, I had completed a half marathon in my best time for 15 years.

Professor Ranganathan and his team have many testimonials like this and would be happy to discuss treatment and rehabilitation options with you, if you are having any pain or numbness that is hampering your performance or day to day quality of life.

For more information or to book an appointment visit, email or call +44 20 7908 3721.

June 29, 2023 10:33 am

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