Pauline Roussin Bouchard’s Speed Workout

The day before the tournament starts is always a speed workout for Pauline Roussin Bouchard.

Monday is about strength.

Tuesday is for heavy work.

Wednesday, or the day before the tournament, will be a full-body speed workout, to get ready and feel dynamic. This focuses more on her core.

She will also run 5K at some point before the tournament because she already has a high fitness level and, she says, this feels easy for her!

Warm up:

Run on the treadmill 

Kettlebell swings 


Circuit 3 or 4 times 

3 minutes with a weight bar. Beep every 15 seconds which is when you do the exercise, 12 reps with weightlifting exercise, 2 mins of core, 2 mins of cardio (11-12km per hour on the treadmill).

  • Lifting weight bar – explosive power exercise, fast push with each arm and change leg position. 
  • One leg squat with weights in each hand. Leg elevated on bench. 12 reps and swap to the other side.
  • Sit up with both hands elevated holding a weight. As Pauline comes up, weight goes above her head. Working on core for 2 mins non-stop. 
  • Run for 2 minutes at 11/12kmhr. 

Change exercises every time.

  • Power exercise is from side on, left arm holding bar and then push to opposite arm and swap legs.
  • Using kettlebell, holding up to chest and doing a deep squat for 2 minutes.
  • Core is one minute of laying on back, holding a weight above head and bringing it round to each ankle. 
  • 1 minute of putting the weight on her shins bringing them up in a crunch and then lifting weight above head with legs also stretching back down to full length. 
  • 2 minutes of running on the treadmill at 11-12km per hour.
May 22, 2024

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