Ouronyx: The Next Generation of Facial Aesthetics

Over the past decade, facial aesthetics become regarded as a routine part of managing the ageing process. Dependant on a lifestyle, gender or relationship to beauty, we all may have vastly different aesthetic goals. Yet, when it comes to aging, we all share a universal human need to restore some youthful radiance and maintain a natural, healthy appearance. Our face is crucial in our interactions with other people and understanding how we express ourselves, how we can optimise facial expressions, is key to success across our private and professional lives. Quite simply, people who feel good about themselves are more confident and productive.

Ouronyx London has recently opened its doors in an exceptional landmark with sublime interiors built to elevate an aesthetics clinic into a place where beauty can be truly savoured. The prestigious Twenty St James location is within touch of the very best of London life, steps from Piccadilly and Bond Street, a traditional well-heeled favourite filled today with elite hotels, museums, shops, restaurants and exclusive art galleries. Ouronyx covers two extensive floors and over 7,000 square feet of an historic building, the discreet entrance leading into an inventively reimagined sleek and modern space that reflects the exceptional service on offer. Adding a mesmerising interactive artwork by British-artist Dominic Harris, Ouronyx is not only the most prestigious facial aesthetics’ address in London – it is a vision that changes the way people imagine and experience beauty.

Advances in medical science and technology are moving at an electric pace and will immeasurably improve both the quality and length of our lives. We’re going to be significantly older than any other generation and need to move from thoughts of mortality to ones of longevity. This is where Ouronyx sets a new approach for facial aesthetics, understanding that by subtly reversing changes you can optimise not only your face but also yourself. Ouronyx is the first global destination focused exclusively on facial aesthetics, where every experience is utterly unique and personal. Each of their facial treatments combines elements of science, technology, and medical artistry to exemplify a refined and unique outcome. Their superb Medical Team is a collective of industry leaders, known and trusted because they never seek to ‘remodel’ the face. These best-in-class doctors work with each person’s features for a fresh, natural look. It’s an approach so masterful, it’s almost imperceptible. It is the future of beauty today.

20 St James Street
SW1A 1ES London
+4420 4542 1697

August 25, 2021

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