On the Tee with Catherine Zeta-Jones

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In this exclusive interview, Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Catherine Zeta-Jones tells us how she will be supporting Europe in the Solheim Cup and reveals that she still makes her husband, Michael Douglas, drop his trousers if he doesn’t get his tee shot past the red tees!

How did you get into golf?

I was shooting a movie in Australia early in my career and I had some scenes that were

‘weather cover’ meaning if it buckets down with rain, I was working. Australian summers aren’t known for their downpours, hence I was on hold for a very long time. Surrounding me was golf course after golf course, so to pass the days, I bought myself a set of clubs and started hitting balls as soon as the sun came up.

Who’s the best golfer, you or your husband, Michael?

That’s a loaded question that I prefer to not comment on. Well, that says it all really.

What are your respective handicaps and who takes the money at the end of a round?

Our handicaps…well, I play off 22, Michael is lower than me. If we were to bet, it would be on making putts.

Do you still make Michael drop his trousers if he doesn’t get the ball past the red tees and does this happen often?

I will ask my husband nicely to drop his pants if he doesn’t get his tee shot beyond the red tees. I will allow him to go behind a tree, just in case there are paparazzi around. But he has to do it. But, alas it’s not a regular occurrence.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had on the golf course and why?

When I was paired with Lorena Ochoa in a pro-am tournament. I was so star struck, she was so great and best of all, she won!!!!!

Who is your golfing crush?

Michael Douglas is my golfing crush.

Who would play in your perfect fourball and why?

Perfect four ball: Lorena Ochoa, Annika Sorenstam, Nick Faldo, Greg Norman. Why? Because

they are great and I have played with each of them before, so there would be a relaxed atmosphere, which can only be good for my game.

How often do you get to play?

I have barely played this last year, I was shooting the series Prodigal Son through the New York winter and COVID 19 restrictions. So I am so excited to get back into the swing of things.

Did you manage to fit any rounds in during the recent filming of TV Series Prodigal Son?


Have you ever had a hole-in-one?

I have never had a hole in one.

What’s the most beautiful golf course you’ve ever played?

I played most of my golf on the island of Bermuda, where we lived bringing up our kids. We have beautiful courses there, and played Mid Ocean Golf Course so many times we got spoiled. Really beautiful. Bermuda grass doesn’t get any better than in Bermuda.

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Tell us about your new brand, Casa Zeta-Jones.

Casa Zeta-Jones is something I’ve dreamed of doing for a long time. I wanted to create a brand focusing on all of the things I love and use myself. Casa Zeta-Jones features everything from exquisite beauty products, comfortable and stylish shoes, elegant ready-to-wear, sleek activewear and artisan coffee. I’m excited about the other exciting things we have in the works too.  I really love being hands on and creating all these products from start to finish. I am having so much fun!

Do you have any plans to develop stylish sportswear that you can take to the golf course or leisure resort?

Being a lifestyle brand I want to incorporate many categories. I can’t wait to start working on the whole golf world. Stylish, comfortable, practical.

What golf clubs are you using at the moment and what’s your favourite club in the bag?

XXIO golf clubs. My favourite is my hybrid.

What do you think of women’s professional golf and do you ever watch on TV?

I love watching golf on tv, especially women’s golf. There are so many new great players.

Why is golf a great sport for women?

Golf is a great game for women of all ages. In Bermuda, I used to play with my girlfriends a lot. We would so look forward to our time on the course. We were competitive, we inspired each other, and we would walk the course and chat and laugh and escape from it all really.

Does your daughter Carys, or son Dylan, play?

Our children don’t play, yet.

Will you be watching the Solheim Cup and Ryder Cup and which teams will you and Michael be supporting, the USA or Europe?

I will be supporting Europe of course for the ‘Cups’ and my husband will be supporting the USA. it certainly heightens the stakes at our house.

Who’s the most competitive, you or Michael? Please can you give us an example?

Michael and I have the same birthday. September 25th, different years, but the same day. We are similar in many ways, being competitive is one of them I guess. When my husband decides to be a golf pro on the course and starts to give me a plethora of unwanted tips, I put my headphones on and listen to Alicia Keys, nod my head and pretend that I am listening. Can’t get in my head when I am playing golf.

What’s your golfing ambition and why?

Golf ambitions? To be consistently good. Don’t need to be brilliant or great. But I will take consistently good any day of the week.

August 26, 2021

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