Meet Dr. Mark Solomos, world renowned Plastic Surgeon based in London

In the realm of cosmetic plastic surgery, Dr. Mark Solomos stands out through his experience and expertise in an array of surgical procedures, ranging from breast surgery to rhinoplasty and facial surgery, and body contouring including mummy makeovers. Dr. Solomos has performed over 7,000 breast procedures, over 6,000 face and nose procedures and approximately 5,000 body procedures.  With these record high numbers and more than 20 years’ experience in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery, he is renowned both within the field of plastic surgery and on television platforms. Dr. Solomos epitomizes a leading authority for individuals embarking on the journey of aesthetic enhancement.

Dr. Solomos extends a warm welcome to prospective patients, inviting them to his esteemed practice in London for in-person consultations or virtually via Zoom. From the initial inquiry to postoperative care, Dr. Solomos’ genuine commitment to patient satisfaction shines through, ensuring that every step of the journey is met with the utmost care and attention to detail. His dedication to his craft and his patients is evident in every aspect of his practice, from his meticulous approach to surgical procedures to his commitment on views of patient care.  He believes in educating the patient in their chosen surgery, while providing realistic expectations. The consultations are generally a double session, and patients are given reading material in advance, making the conversation easier and more in-depth.  The risks and timeline are discussed, the whole patient journey is bespoke – hence the business name “Bespoke Plastic Surgery”.

With recent appearances on Channel 4’s “UNTOLD: My Big Boobs” where Dr. Solomos delves into the reasons breast reduction can be considered a medical treatment and ITV’s “Price of Perfection” Episode 2 “Boobs”, where Dr. Solomos performs removal of implants with uplift, following and explaining the current trends of smaller implants.  He graciously shares insights into the multifaceted considerations, techniques while performing surgical transformations. As a distinguished member of prestigious institutions such as the Royal College of Surgeons, Dr. Solomos brings over 20,000 surgeries’ worth of expertise to each consultation, a testament to his dedication to his career. He is one of a few Plastic surgeons globally, that can perform operations in different parts of the body to an exceptional level, due to his huge experience and his quest for perfection.

Dr. Mark Solomos believes, “By combining the optimal choice of treatment with my skills and vision, I am able to create the natural ‘invisible’ surgical finish for my patients. I believe in exceptional one to one care and in taking the journey together from the start to finish and beyond.”

Patient Testimonial

“My experience undergoing Septo Rhinoplasty and alar base reduction with Dr. Mark Solomos was faultless. Right from the start he made me comfortable and fully informed about the procedure, he answered all my questions and concerns. I never felt pressured into having surgery, it was completely my decision and the right one. He’s very approachable and made me feel relaxed and confident about the surgery even though it was my first time having any sort of procedure done. It was clear right from the start that Mark cared about the results as much as I did. I can’t thank him enough! The results were perfect, they far exceeded my expectations!”

For further information visit: or call 020 455 32107.

May 22, 2024

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