Game-changing skin care

Perfect your skin care game with Dr Sebagh’s expert tips for achieving and maintaining fresh, well protected and healthy-looking skin.

How does your skin care score? According to Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh, world-renowned cosmetic doctor and “Ageing-Maintenance” champion, ensuring that skin looks its vital, glowing best – on and off the course – comes down to a skin care routine that’s personalised to meet your skin’s needs, at any age and throughout the year.

Here, Dr Sebagh explains his philosophy and explains how to take your skin care game to the next level.

  • As well as creating award-winning skin care, you’re highly sought after as a pioneering cosmetic doctor. How do the two-go hand in hand?

I began my career as a cosmetic surgeon over thirty years ago. I am passionate about helping people maintain their healthiest, freshest-looking skin, both in my clinics in Paris and London – we recently unveiled our new flagship clinic at the historic Chandos House in Marylebone – and through the Dr Sebagh Advanced Ageing-Maintenance Skin Care range. It all starts with skin care, and prevention is key – especially when it comes to outdoor sports like golf, where you’re exposed to the elements.

Ageing-Maintenance is a term I coined many years ago. I make a distinction between this and cosmetic procedures for beautification. I firmly believe that, with regular maintenance, taking care of your skin from as an early age as possible with good cosmeceutical products, it is possible to achieve excellent results, without the need for surgery. It’s why I am always looking for innovative ways to deliver the most powerful ingredients to the skin.

• When did you first venture into skin care?

In 2000, I created a skin care line called Meaningful Beauty for Cindy Crawford in the US. Five years later, I launched my signature cosmeceutical brand. The first products I created were the now iconic and award-winning Serum Repair, with hyaluronic acid, Deep Exfoliating Mask and Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream, a unique and versatile, highly concentrated form of pure, pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C which remains stabilised until skin contact. Today, the collection is constantly expanding, and includes many breakthrough formulations that provide first class protection, hydration and rejuvenation.

• You suggest people tailor their skin care to suit them in the same way a golfer chooses their clubs. Tell us more.

Yes! I pioneered the concept of blending different serums in the Dr Sebagh Serum Bar to create a bespoke ‘crème-de-serum’ tailored to your skin’s needs. You can use the highly concentrated serums on their own or mix them together in the palm of your hand. Add a sprinkle of Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream to the mix, too, for an extra brightening boost. The serums are available in travel sizes – as with many products in the range, including creams and masks – making them ideal for golfing breaks.

  • What are the main skin care challenges for those who play golf?

Protection, first and foremost, is essential. A high-quality mineral sunscreen will shield against UV exposure and help prevent damage and premature ageing of the skin. Dr Sebagh Sun & City Protection SPF 50+ offers all-in-one UVA and UVB protection, as well as helping to shield the skin against HEV (High Energy Visible) light from digital screens. It also contains a pollution filter capable of protecting skin against carbon particles and other pollutants, making it ideal if you live in a city. The matte, non-oily finish is an advantage, too.

Obviously, your glove offers protection against the elements, but apply sunscreen to both hands. A good hand cream, too, will help to keep skin hydrated and chap-free, especially when conditions are windy. Dr Sebagh High Maintenance Hand Cream is absorbed quickly, non-greasy and can be popped in your bag to apply after a game before drinks in the clubhouse!

Pigmentation and age spots, on the hands and face, can be both tackled by applying Pure Vitamin C Powder Cream directly to specific areas, or mixed in with your serum or moisturiser.

To rehydrate and soothe skin after a day on the course, Rose de Vie Serum intensively calms, nourishes and moisturises. If your skin feels extra dry, Extreme Maintenance Cream provides hydration, comfort and protection.

Lastly, keep a good lip balm to hand, to protect skin from dehydration and chapping in hot and sunny as well as cold and windy conditions. Dr Sebagh Lip Balm is intensely hydrating, soothing and long-lasting – a definite advantage during your round!

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Lastly, to protect your lips from dehydration from sunny and cold conditions, Dr Sebagh Lip Balm is intensely hydrating, soothing and long-lasting.

June 29, 2023

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