Functional Golf Fitness with Carly Booth

Three-time LET winner Carly Booth from Scotland is known as one of the fittest golfers on the LET.

She trained as a gymnast and can still perform somersaults and back flips at the age of 29! As a youngster, she played various sports but chose golf. Her father, Wally, made a nine-hole golf course for his children to play on at the family farm in Comrie.

Wally was a Commonwealth Games silver medallist wrestling champion and a former minder of the beatles. He even trained actor Gerard Butler during his preparation to film in the epic blockbuster 300!

Carly’s physical strength combined with her incredible golfing talent has helped her to win the 2012 Aberdeen Asset Management Ladies Scottish Open, the 2012 Deutsche Bank Ladies Swiss Open and the 2019 Tipsport Czech Ladies Open on the LET, as well as the 2012 Dinard Ladies Open on the LET Access Series.

Having recently recovered from shoulder surgery, she is now looking to make a major comeback in 2022 and is working with GOLFWOD to build functional golf fitness which includes a powerful, full range of motion, strong core and the ability to create serious speed whilst remaining stable and balanced.

Her trainer, Michael Dennington, says: “Carly takes all of this on board with her incredible athleticism and continues to improve in all areas.”

Here is a look at some of the exercises which are part of Carly’s functional golf fitness programme.

  1. Plank with feet and elbows on medicine ball

A raised plank position with added instability, this requires excellent breath work as well as full engagement of the core.

  1. Kettlebell press up

The raised hold again offers a different position for the wrist and increases the range of motion of the press up.

  1. Kettlebell Deadlift

Using different equipment for a compound lift is incredibly effective and the Kettlebell Deadlift primes the posterior chain for power and stability.

  1. Weighted squat

The squat is a fundamental movement pattern we should all be able to execute and loading that movement strengthens the lower body and creates improved posture globally.

  1. Pull up

A challenging bodyweight movement requiring big upper body strength, scale this down to a TRX Row to build up.

  1. Gymnastics Rings

With Carly’s high level in Gymnastics, the rings present a unique challenge!

  1. Bike

Cardio endurance is a huge component of performance, work different zones to create well rounded fitness.

  1. Ski-Erg

A very different challenge for your Cardio output, the Ski-Erg focuses on the Core and Upper Body as well as your work capacity.

  1. Golf swing

Working on your swing, specifically for speed, is a huge part of transferring gains in the gym to the course.

  1. Hip flexor stretch

Mobility and recovery will always be a big part for any athlete, the hip flexors are a key area to work on given the stress they go through on any given day.

June 15, 2022

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